Who We Are….

Founded in June 2002,  The Miracle Providers NorthEast Inc, raises funds to benefit local children and their families infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. We do this by working in partnership with agencies throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Case Manager and Health Care Professionals are working  on the front line to help families cope with the realities of HIV/AIDS to improve their vital issues; medical care, housing, and advocacy. Little time or resources are available for the – special – things in a Childs life.

Impossible things are happening every day!

Providing miracles…In 2008 we fulfilled the wish lists of over 300 local children, from the simplest requests of a coloring book and crayons, winter jackets and bed linens just to name a few. We also provided needed items for the  children when they attend a special summer  camp ; back packs, water bottles, flashlights, stationary, sun block and other goodies.

How We Do It…

CABARET SHOWS:  The Miracle Providers produce two shows a year, a holiday and a spring cabaret. Dancers,  live singers, performers and  stage hands. Donate their time and talent to make these shows a success. Last year we raised over $22,000 with all four evening performances

THEMED EVENTS: Christmas in July, Mardi Gras, Dinner with the Divas, and other special events happen through out the year, please join us for these entertaining gatherings which raise awareness of our mission.

FALL YARD SALE: Held in September, volunteers and friends donate treasures to our yard sale.

*We are a volunteer organization and 100% of the funds raised are used to support our mission.

Show Must Go On…

That saying has a special meaning to the volunteers and entertainers who carry out the mission  of the Miracle Providers NorthEast Inc.

We understand  that going on in the face of adversity is something the families we serve do each and every day. Inspired by their spirit and with your generous support the Miracle Providers will continue its mission, to foster hope in our communities and  to spread good cheer through our events.

We rely upon volunteers and patrons. Whatever your ideas, opinions, talents, or views; you have a place in our organization. Bringing new ideas are encouraged. Our organization thrives upon the support and help of the volunteers. With your support, we can continue to bring a little light into the life of a family or child.  Without volunteers willing to work for a common goal we would have no organization. Without your help we would be unable to realize our  mission.

If you would like to volunteer or participate in any of our events please contact

(978) 458-9838
Visit our Volunteers Page



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