Holiday Wish Program

Through this program we work to fulfill the simplest holiday wish lists for children ranging from coloring books, winter jackets, bed linens and more. We work to provide each child with an average of five gifts each year, but without your generosity many of these children and families would have that much less to celebrate the holidays.

Helping Hands Trees

Open letter to local businesses

I am writing on behalf of the Miracle Providers NorthEast to ask for your participation in our Holiday Wish program.  Requiring no donation, our Helping Hands trees are able to benefit over 300 low-income children directly impacted by HIV/AIDS.  We simply ask that you place a Christmas tree or non-denominational wreath somewhere in your business, preferably a lobby, foyer, waiting room, or other gathering place, and allow participants to leave their donated gifts there for us to collect.  These Helping Hands trees are affixed with wish lists of children impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Patrons and/or employees are encouraged to choose a list, purchase the items, and return them to the tree.  Simple things such as toothbrushes, coloring books, and coats can help so many children have a bright and special holiday.

The Miracle Providers NorthEast is a Lowell-based volunteer organization which raises funds for kids impacted by this terrible disease.  We have been operating with nonprofit distinction since 2006 and have helped hundreds of children all over New England. At a time when everyone is looking to give back to the community, our program makes it simple and convenient to do so.

If you would like to participate in the Holiday Wish program, or have any further questions, please contact Marc Clermont at the email address or telephone provided above.  With your help we can brighten the holidays for at-risk children right in our own community.


Marc Clermont
President of The Miracle Providers

The Helping Hand Trees contain anonymous wishes of children from the agencies we support. The trees are placed in common areas, such as corporate lobbies, giving people the opportunity to adopt a “Helping Hand” and touch a child’s life. We arrange to pick up and collect your donations in mid December.


Thank you note on behalf of

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region

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